Which sport is easiest to predict?

We often face the question: which sport is easiest to predict? Obviously, this question is asked by players who believe that bets on one sport can bring more profit than another. Is there any reason to ask such questions and how everything is in fact in the world of professional betting – we will tell in this article.

Team or single sport?

Inexperienced bettors, especially beginners, often find that single sports are best suited for betting. But it seems so only at first glance. Many believe that the fewer the players on the field, the easier it is to “guess” the winner. Like, for example, in tennis – there are only two athletes and one will win in any case, because there can be no draw. And no one can remove an athlete from the field, replace another player, too, and there will be no penalty. So it seems to many newcomers that only guess the winner – and winning in your pocket.

However, in single-player sports, as in team sports, there are many factors that can change the course of the game. Any unforeseen situation is crucial, because everything depends on only one person.

As for team sports, the problems of individual players do not so much influence the outcome of the whole game. After all, even with the disqualification of one team member, the other players can “pull out” the entire match due to a well-coordinated game, excellent interaction and well-developed combinations. From this point of view, the easiest sport for analytics and forecasting is football. Watch our video why football is easy to predict.

For betting, football is also good because there is a lot of information for analytics. On our site you can find a lot of information and statistics for both individual teams and players.

So which sport is easiest to predict?

In fact, a clear answer does not exist. One thing we know for sure: professional bettors do not rely on the number of players in a team or even on a sport as such. For example, in football, to determine the likely winner of the match, predicting the outcome of events, you need to carefully analyze the statistics. From the point of view of popularity among bettors and the amount of information available, first place is, of course, football.

Statistics show how teams behave in case of losing a key player, as well as what tactics are chosen in case of a losing or winning account. Analyzing statistics data, you can see which team is going on the defensive, and which one is starting to go on the offensive and is trying to snatch victory from the enemy with all its might. Why do you need to know these nuances? And then, to see a potential winner and make winning bets on the most profitable odds.

Should I bet on unpopular sports?

Betting on lesser-known sports is best done only if the bettor is well versed in the intricacies and nuances of a particular tournament. Indeed, the depth of analysis and, subsequently, the success of the rate depend on the degree of awareness. If you choose unpopular sports for betting, it is better to monitor foreign resources, as domestic often ignore little-known tournaments.

The advantage of bets on unpopular sports is that bookmakers often cannot set the exact line for all competitions, while the player can fully concentrate on a few. In this case, the bettor can find and bet on underestimated events, getting a pretty decent profit.
Remember that in the world of professional betting, it is no longer enough just to focus on the final score of a match or the disqualification of a player. Successful bettors use advanced tools – statistics, ROI and coefficient archive. It is also very important to play only on proven sites, such as PinUp betting. This approach provides them with a stable and high income from the rates. Use these tools and you – and then you will have no equal in betting.