Superdrol is a brand name for the anabolic steroid methyldrostanolone. 

Also called Metasterone, this steroid is a powerful oral anabolic agent that has never been marketed as a commercial medical product. The drug was first mentioned in medical reference books in 1960, and its last mention appears to have appeared in 1965. 

Apart from this very short period of mention of the steroid in the literature, methyldrostanolone was forgotten all the rest of the time. It has only recently reappeared on the gray market for anabolic steroids in the US.

In its chemical structure it is very close to Masteron (drostanolone).  

The only difference – in addition being a 17-alpha methyl group, modification, which gives it a high steroid availability at oral application. In many cases, c-17 alpha alkylation alters the character of the steroid, in which case it does not.       

As well as its parent drostanolone , it does not aromatize, so there is no difference in estrogenicity between the two steroids. Neither should produce estrogenic side effects. In addition, both steroids retain a very favorable ratio of anabolic to androgenic effect. Laboratory tests have shown that its anabolic activity is 4 times higher than that of oral methyltestosterone and that its anabolic to androgenic ratio is 20: 1.    

Test Masteron , as shown , it is as powerful as an anabolic agent and testosterone, but only 25-40% of androgens . It is still a very good anabolic steroid, but it is generally considered a 3: 1 ratio rather than 20: 1.

The effective dosage metildrostanolona , begins in the range of 10-40mg per day for men. But do not expect to get 10-15 kg of mass on this steroid, basically the gain is 3-6 kg of quality mass in the case of using it solo.

In determining the optimal daily dosage, some do find that the drug is more effective in the 30mg range. At higher dosages, the potential for hepatotoxicity of the drug begins to develop. In many cases, the best choice is to use 20mg of methyldrostanolone per day + a non-toxic injectable steroid such as nandrolone or boldenone. More details here

Since this steroid has a very high ratio of anabolic to androgenic effects, it may be of interest to female bodybuilders. In fact, methyldrostenolone is less androgenic than Winstrol and Primobolan, which are popular with most bodybuilders. Women are advised not to increase the dosage above 5 mg / day.   

Steroid profile

  • Anabolic activity : 400
  • Androgenic activity : 20
  • Aromatization (conversion to estrogen ) : absent 
  • Toxicity to the liver : measured 
  • Progestogenic activity: absent

Information about SUPERDROL

Superdrol was known long before this strange name came up. Personally, I learned about it from a discussion about another IP laboratory drug with an equally unfortunate name – “oral Masteron “, which turned out to be a simple mestanolone (17-alpha-methyl dihydrotestosterone ). In fact, mestanolone is an oral dihydrotestosterone – assuming, of course, that the addition of the 17-alpha-methyl group suggests that this drug is an oral variant of the main steroid, although this is not entirely true. Then I pointed out that in order to be called “oral Masteron “, this substance had to be 2-alpha-methyl mestanolone, or better yet, 17-alpha-methyl drostanolone ( drostanolone is called Masteron ). This is what we named this substance – 17-alpha-methyl drostanolone . It was several years ago. It seems doubtful that this drug has not been researched several decades before, so it likely has a much longer history than we think.    

From all that has been said, we can conclude that ” superdrol ” is actually the result of combining drostanolone and mestanolone , since it includes the 2-alpha-methyl group of drostanolone and the 17-alpha-methyl group of mestanolone . And oxymetholone is a completely different substance that differs from superdrol in that it includes a 2-hydroxymethylene group instead of a 2-methyl one. The methyl group is completely inert because it is non-polar. It does not impart any special biochemical characteristics to the substance, forming a simple steric mass, and this is precisely its purpose. This mass is a steric hindrance for the 3-alpha and 3-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase enzymes , therefore, unlike mestanolone , superdrol is not deactivated as quickly in muscle tissues. Mestanolone is almost unsuitable as an anabolic, because it deactivates very quickly, breaking down into 3-hydroxy metabolites. The 2-methyl group weakens the bonds between the enzymes that cause such a reaction and slows down the rate of deactivation, therefore superdrol , unlike mestanolone , exhibits some anabolic activity.  

Oxymetholone contains a hydroxylated carbon bonded to another carbon to form a chemically reactive polar group. In addition, this carbon has a double bond with the sterane nucleus , which increases the reactivity of the oxygen atom. Although the mechanism of action of these bonds has not yet been fully understood, it can be argued that they give oxymetholone some unique properties, which is most likely explained by the interaction of this substance with other structures with which most anabolic androgenic steroids do not interact at all or do so in a very limited extent.

Anabolic activity

Since superdrol contains a 17-alpha-methyl group , this substance is less susceptible to metabolic deactivation and does not form 17-ketosteroids ; the likelihood of 16-hydroxylation is also low. It follows that superdrol may remain active longer than drostanolone and is excreted more slowly from the body. Unfortunately, the 2-methyl group also weakens bonds with the androgen receptor, which is exacerbated by the presence of a 17-alpha-methyl group in superdrol. For this reason, the effectiveness of Superdrol is significantly reduced, bringing this substance closer to drostanolone in terms of the level of anabolic activity. So superdrol cannot be considered an effective tool for building muscle – it is only suitable for men of short stature and those who do not yet have experience using other anabolic androgenic steroids. This puts superdrol in some other weak oral androgenic steroid having no flavoring effect – such as Anavar ( oxandrolone ) Winstrol® ( Stanozol ) and Halotestin ( Ftoroksimesteron ).          

Androgenic activity: In comparison with the aforementioned weak steroid, androgenic activity superdrol significantly lower than that of Halotestin , but much higher than that of Winstrol and Anavar . This is due to the fact that, despite the increased activity of the drug in comparison with mestanolone, deactivation occurs faster in muscle tissue (the 2-methyl group lowers, but does not completely exclude the reduction of 3-keto function). Non-deactivated dihydrotestosterone does not provide the same level of activity in muscles as in those tissues that are targeted by androgenic steroids, despite the fact that the opposite is widely believed . Although young, healthy men rarely experience side effects when taking androgenic steroids, those who have reason to fear these side effects should choose Anavar or Winstrol over Superdrol . However, many athletes claim that using the more potent androgenic steroids increases muscle density when the body fat is low. While this is not true for everyone, it can be assumed that superdrol has a similar effect. In this case, Superdrol is preferred over the other oral steroids mentioned herein.

Estrogenic and progestogenic activity

Like most 5-alpha reductase steroids , superdrol is not estrogenic. Mestanolone and drostanolone also have no aromatizing effect. The manufacturers of these substances like to emphasize that they do not have the estrogenic effects inherent in oxymetholone , but we must not forget that , firstly, superdrol has NOTHING to do with oxymetholone , and secondly, it has not yet been proven that the estrogenic effects of oxymetholone are precisely estrogenic in nature: despite the hype raised around this phenomenon, when taking oxymetholone in combination with other anabolic androgenic steroids, estrogenic effects are very weak, and if taken separately, they do not appear at all. Whether this substance exhibits anti-estrogenic activity like drostanolone remains unclear. I wouldn’t count on it. 

Hepatic toxicity

The hepatotoxicity of this drug is quite high – perhaps that is why such substances were not previously advertised or considered as suitable for pharmaceutical use. Personally, in all cases of superdrol intake (four courses of 40 / mg per day for 6 weeks), I observed a significant increase in the level of toxins in the liver compared to the periods of taking other common oral steroids at the same ( dianabol ) or even higher doses ( Anavar , Anadrol , Winstrol ). Therefore, it is recommended to take no more than 30-40 mg of Superdrol per day for no longer than 6 weeks. If the specified dose or the period of taking the drug is exceeded, it is necessary to regularly measure the level of toxins in the liver.