Fallout: New Vegas overview

If you like shooters, we recommend you to visit this website. In this review we will talk about the game Fallout: New Vegas. The torment of moral choice is nothing compared to how much increased resistance from enemies and hostile environment.  From Fallout 2 returned the parameter “Damage Threshold”, which is calculated from the total amount of damage caused to the enemy. Accordingly, the value of competent selection of different ammunition for different types of armor has increased.

The game has become more difficult to play

Playing has become much more difficult not only in combat, but also outside it, especially in hardcore mode, which adds to the wear and tear of equipment dependence on sleep, food and water. In return, the authors allowed modifying weapons, disassembling and making cartridges on workbenches, as well as cooking drinks and potions near the fire.

Another option to make your life a little easier is to find a partner who will agree to travel with you. Communication with Obsidian allies is always paid special attention, and New Vegas is no exception. Six characters who can join us along the way (at the same time allowed to travel with one person) – these are unique individuals with their fighting techniques, their biography, views and complex history, in which we can take part as much as possible. And they also give their unique skills: one is available immediately upon joining (for example, a member of the Brotherhood of Steel Veronica will allow you to produce ammunition on the move!), and the other must be earned by business.

New Vegas can be called more hardcore RPG also because the game here is much more demanding to your skills and checks them in every second dialogue and quest. The task of setting up the solar panels can hang for a long time only because of low knowledge of repair you can not run the generator, and the same elite prostitute in the casino will be able to talk only if you have the skill of eloquence is not lower than 75.

All this was decorated by the authors with branded chic dialogues, humor and characters, which you will not forget for a long time. Here, the mutants, dressed as women, broadcast on the radio, some people stubbornly consider themselves gullies, robots joyfully conduct tours of museums that no longer exist, and the casino owner can let the actor go at your request with the words: “I’ll find a new one, there are cows in bulk. And then there is the cruelty, non-political correctness and serious adult theme. Here maniacs rape Rangers-snipers, legionnaires hang people on crosses and love each other, children eat rats on the street and beg, in one casino you will be asked to find a robot for sexual comfort, and in another – to deliver a live person as a main dish for a dinner party. But this is the true Fallout spirit.

I don’t want to look for minuses in this situation, but they are there. First of all, affects the heavy legacy of the engine, which was still made. The authors tried to correct not the best graphics and animation in the world. Old technologies, apparently, did not allow to improve the quality of the game: the genre has long been different standards, and then all the same wooden in terms of direction, non-interactive dialogues and scenes (remember, on the contrary, Alpha Protocol).

Nevertheless, Fallout: New Vegas is certainly the best thing that happened in the genre after Dragon Age. In a magnificent, but alien Fallout 3 veterans of the genre added their own Fallout 2, giving us the result of a complex, barbed, but madly fascinating RPG. I wonder if they can add a little Planescape: Torment in Dungeon Siege 3? You can follow the new games here.