How to choose the right underwear for women

Underwear is a woman’s main weapon. In a beautiful set she feels more confident, attractive and sexy for men. You can also buy underwear with the gift card of this store

How to determine the size of women’s underwear

Probably every woman at least once in her life has faced the inconvenience of wearing a bra when:

  1. the straps were just soaked in the skin;
  2. the bones from the outer edge left traces on the body;
  3. the breasts did not fit in the cup, and when running or walking, they would “fall out;
  4. the back of the bra was raised very high, although it should be almost in the middle of the back.

All these problems are related to only one thing – wrong size selection. And this is not only an aesthetic problem, but also a very real opportunity to get health problems. If the bra does not hold a lush chest, the load on the spine increases, breast compression also reduces blood circulation in it, and if it is too tight, it can hurt the delicate skin.

To solve all this and prevent negative consequences is easy. To do this, it is enough to choose and buy women’s underwear correctly. The first thing to do is to determine the breast size. With the help of a ribbon of centimeters you need to measure only two parameters: the volume under the breast and the volume of the breast on the most protruding part of the breast (in simple words – on the nipple line). It is important that the ribbon is placed strictly horizontally along the body, then the results will be the most informative.

Before you buy women’s panties in the online store, decide on the size. The size of panties is also measured with the help of a centimeter ribbon. And in this case, only two parameters are enough – the volume of the waist (in the narrowest place) and hips (in the widest part of them). How to choose the size of women’s underwear will prompt a special table just for panties.

How to pick up women’s underwear on the figure

Lingerie under the clothes is almost invisible, so it is also lower to hide from prying eyes. This does not mean that the bra and panties do not affect the overall perception of female figures. On the contrary, they can both make a girl slimmer and emphasize her shortcomings. How to choose women’s underwear by figure, every representative of the fair sex should know.

For an ideal figure without extra pounds in the abdomen, at the waist or hips will fit almost any underwear. The owners are very lucky, because there are no restrictions for them and you can buy even without fitting. If the main problem is the wide hips, small panties with low fit will be an excellent option.

It will be possible to hide some parts on the hips with the help of not very high panties-shorts, but it is better to refuse the thongs, they will only emphasize what they would not like to show. In the presence of a tummy and full hips are relevant wide enough shorts or panties with a high waist, they will make the figure more slender, and it is necessary. Do not neglect the correct women’s underwear and those who have modest forms – both in the breasts and hips. For such cases, the manufacturers offer lace sets with ruffles, which will add a figure of missing volume.

Those who do not like to give up a piece of cake or a delicious sandwich for the night, and all this is displayed on the figure, should forget about tang panties, thongs and thin lace sconces. Lush shapes require reliable support with bras with bones and foam, as well as panties with high waist.

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