How BGCI calculates cryptocurrency exchange rating

There are many different methods used to calculate the cryptocurrency exchange rating. Some are based on individual attributes, while others combine dozens of variables into a single point. However, there are several important factors in this process. The rating is updated every six months and covers primarily centralized exchanges before being deployed to decentralized exchanges and derivatives. The results will form the basis for basic indices and reference rates.

Dual nationality

If you are looking for a cryptocurrency exchange, you cannot go right with Bybit. This bitcoin giełda has a low fee structure and does not charge for making or withdrawing crypto. You can deposit and withdraw with a wide variety of fiat currencies. However, if you are not familiar with cryptocurrency, Bybit  exchange may at first feel a bit frightening. Fortunately, the interface is simple and it has easy buying and selling options.

Сryptocurrency exchange – Bittamp

Although Bitstamp is not the best cryptocurrency exchange in the world, it is a reliable choice for everyday use. Although it does not boast of the lowest pay or the widest range of cryptocurrencies, its simplicity is enough to appeal to novice and more advanced users. Bitstamp is also well suited for European users as it offers free deposits and cheap withdrawals.

Сryptocurrency exchange app – Abra

The Abra app is easy to use and has good exchange functions. Its fees are about 4%, with a minimum of $ 10. It only accepts credit cards, and offers 100+ cryptocurrencies. However, users have complained about high fees. They may want to consider using a different cryptocurrency exchange.

Сryptocurrency exchange – Monetary base

Coinbase is one of hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges that have been open since 2009. These sites offer investors an alternative platform for buying and selling digital coins, including bitcoin. Digital assets are currently not available through traditional trading websites, including large banks. This created a wide-open strip for the growth of the new industry. And as the market developed, Wall Street began to warm up to the concept. This year, Bitcoin reached new highs, exceeding $63,000, and other digital assets also experienced purchasing frenzy.


The BGCI cryptocurrency rating is a performance measure for the largest cryptocurrencies traded in dollars. It is based on data from Bloomberg and the London Stock Exchange.


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