Nuclear Coleslaw: Episode 5 – Perky Ninja

Ol’ Tim Pape’s pretty much a staple around here now, what with the original Nuclear Coleslaw episodes, his guest list, and the “Black Velvet” trailer.

So scrape aside all that Tim Pape on your plate and make some room for a hot ladle full of… well, more Tim Pape.  He and his band-o-crazies over at Last Escape Productions have posted a new episode of Nuclear Coleslaw.  Take a gander, and then we’ll talk…

So what do I think of this episode?  I actually love it.  First, our protagonist actually drops the Christian Bale as Batman shtick and succeeds at being both multidimensional and funny!  Oh, and when he kills the other characters, he’s actually JUSTIFIED in doing so! I know, right!?  While there isn’t much in this ep aside from the fight, it sticks very close to the source material – even down to the melee weapons his attackers choose.  In my opinion, this episode is almost a baptism of sorts: it leaves behind two characters we don’t need, and sets our hero (notice no quotations marks…I’m giving him a chance) off on his own again, this time presumably pursued by super mutants… monsters that actually exist in the source material, and have something to do with the post apocalyptic genre!  I need to change my pants!

I’m hoping this means we’re going to see this multidimensional (and even LIKEABLE) protagonist from here on out, and that he’ll tangle with some super mutants and ghouls instead of succubi and perky ninjas.  Who was supposed to be the perky ninja, anyway?  The girl… because she seemed downright upset to me.

Support our genre, wastelanders!  Send links to Tim’s videos around as much as you can, and leave lots of positive comments on the Nuclear Coleslaw videos.  When I get to see “Black Velvet”, I’ll be doing a review on that too, so don’t push your chair back from the table quite yet.  There’s always room for more Tim Pape.

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