Customized Opinels

If you’ve never heard of an Opinel, it’s a French lock-blade knife designed for the “working man” that has remained more or less unchanged in over a hundred years. It has a unique twist-locking collar that makes it extremely simple in form and function, and very easy to repair and maintain. Opinels have wooden handles, so customizing them is a pretty popular pastime. Continue reading

The Post Apoc Photo Shoot # 1

My friend Sommer is a model, and since I’ve known her, we’ve talked about the idea of doing a post apoc themed shoot for the website. ┬áRecently, it came together thanks to a number of people that got involved:

Photographer: Bill Woods of Dark Roman Artistic

Hair: Claudia Riccardi

Makeup: Angela Wade

Male Model: Ronin

Female Model: Sommer Bailey

Location: abandoned racetrack and surrounding complex, Tulsa OK

Firearms: S&W .38 (Blondie), Springfield 1911A1 (Eisenhower), Keltec P11, AK-47 (Liberty Tooth), Maverick 88 12g (Shotty-Bob)

Nail File + Pen Cap = Shank

I was walking into work one morning and saw this little disembodied nail file blade lying in the hallway. I picked it up and noticed how rigid it was – not at all as flexible and flimsy as the ones I’d handled before. I thought, “This would make a good stabbing weapon if I had some way to hold onto it.” Enter pen cap. Continue reading

O’Bollocks the Cudgellelagh

A friend of mine recently showed up at my house with all the trimmings from the large tree in his yard. “I figured you could make something outta this,” he said. My reputation precedes me. One of the trimmings he brought me had a large knot on one end, so I decided to make myself a cudgel out of it. Continue reading

The Key Flail

Do I think you should take out your shoelace and make a key flail when you expect trouble? Sure, if there is absolutely no other better option. Do I think you’ll ever have to? No, probably not. Would it be effective? Maybe – I certainly wouldn’t want to be hit in the face with it. Is it good to start thinking about other objects in this way, as potential weapons and self-defense tools? Abso-freakin-lutely. Continue reading