Black Velvet (2011)

Back in September of 2010, Tim Pape planted the seeds in my brain of a film he was working on called “Black Velvet”. Today, a strange and discordant shrubbery burst from my skull and all over my television screen. “Black Velvet” (or at least the festival cut that I watched) is 85 minutes of oddity, confusion, and poetry. Have you ever met someone that was so disconnected that attempting to follow a conversation with them made you feel as if they were pulling you into madness? “Black Velvet” is the film equivalent of that. Continue reading

“Nuclear Coleslaw” Episodes 1-4, by Last Escape Productions

I stumbled across this web series today that purports to be inspired by the Fallout franchise. The series is clearly amateur, but I admire the obvious effort and the contribution to the genre. In fact, this actually has higher production value than some of the post apoc films I’ve watched lately. Continue reading