Post-Apocalyptic Junk Jewelry: In the Jewel-Eye of the Beholder

At first glance, you might mistake this for Steampunk jewelry, but let me be clear – this is not steampunk, it’s post-apocalyptic. Sure, they both use dark metals (brass, copper, etc), and they both reimagine technology as obtuse, heavy, and durable. The difference is that steampunk is historically anachronistic and focuses on clean, polished metals, clockwork, and form over function. Post-apocalyptic jewelry is, I would say, more industrial, and isn’t confined by the limitations of an imaginary time or place. Post-apocalyptic jewelry is literally rusty old junk cobbled together by whatever means possible into something that one might consider decorating themselves with. Continue reading

The Post Apoc Photo Shoot # 1

My friend Sommer is a model, and since I’ve known her, we’ve talked about the idea of doing a post apoc themed shoot for the website. ┬áRecently, it came together thanks to a number of people that got involved:

Photographer: Bill Woods of Dark Roman Artistic

Hair: Claudia Riccardi

Makeup: Angela Wade

Male Model: Ronin

Female Model: Sommer Bailey

Location: abandoned racetrack and surrounding complex, Tulsa OK

Firearms: S&W .38 (Blondie), Springfield 1911A1 (Eisenhower), Keltec P11, AK-47 (Liberty Tooth), Maverick 88 12g (Shotty-Bob)

Nail File + Pen Cap = Shank

I was walking into work one morning and saw this little disembodied nail file blade lying in the hallway. I picked it up and noticed how rigid it was – not at all as flexible and flimsy as the ones I’d handled before. I thought, “This would make a good stabbing weapon if I had some way to hold onto it.” Enter pen cap. Continue reading

Musical Instrument Lamps

When I look at things, now, I tend to simplify them – I break them down into their components and try to analyze the processes necessary to join those components into whatever final product I’m look at. I found a “lamp kit” at Lowe’s a year or so ago and started making wine bottle and liquor bottle lamps for my friends – I realized that lamps are actually very simple to make. Continue reading