The Post Apoc Photo Shoot # 1

My friend Sommer is a model, and since I’ve known her, we’ve talked about the idea of doing a post apoc themed shoot for the website.  Recently, it came together thanks to a number of people that got involved:

Photographer: Bill Woods of Dark Roman Artistic

Hair: Claudia Riccardi

Makeup: Angela Wade

Male Model: Ronin

Female Model: Sommer Bailey

Location: abandoned racetrack and surrounding complex, Tulsa OK

Firearms: S&W .38 (Blondie), Springfield 1911A1 (Eisenhower), Keltec P11, AK-47 (Liberty Tooth), Maverick 88 12g (Shotty-Bob)

Tools of the Trade #1: The Machete

The machete is the quiet, country-born cousin of the knife and sword. It is largely employed in agricultural tasks, though has been the favored weapon in South American countries for ages. The machete is a descendant of the short sword, but is designed to be cheaply and easily made in large quantities, durable, and easy repaired or replaced. This is what makes it an ideal weapon for the majority of you to acquire and practice using. Continue reading