$4 Spice Rack from Yardsticks

This rack was made for bottles of E-juice, but could just as easily be a spice rack, nail polish rack, or curio shelf.

I bought four yardsticks at $0.99 each at Lowes, and stacked and cut them all at the 18 inch mark. I glued them up in the configuration you see, using the existing marks to measure, and starting with the right angles on either side, and then placing the horizontel braces.

I used Gorilla brand super glue gel in the interest of time, and then reinforced the joints with E6000.

This will be mounted to the wall using two heavyweight picture-hanging tabs – one at the top of each of the two side-braces, and shouldn’t have any trouble holding the weight, but you could reinforce it even further by gluing in small corner brackets in the four corners and beneath each shelf.

This cost $4 plus tax, about 15 minutes of assembly time, and one night of drying/curing.

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