Wasteland Raider Skills: How to Make a Human Skull Goblet

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Obviously, no, I didn’t use a real human skull, but I did use the most realistic replica I could find.  It’s not plastic, but resin, and I don’t know if it’s food safe or not.  To be honest, I don’t really care.  It’s only going to be used on special occasions, and the liquid being imbibed from it is far more unhealthy than anything that might be in the resin itself.

I started by using a dremel cutting wheel to cut away the rear base of the skull, and then used a metal file to round and smooth out the edges.  I sanded any loose imperfections off of the inside of the cranial cavity as well.

image (8)I accidentally busted the front teeth out while cutting on the skull, but I actually think it gives it a more authentic appearance.  Prior to making this, and on a completely unrelated whim, I had purchased some hand made clay wine goblets from an independent artist, and accidentally dropped and broke one as soon as I took it out of the box.  The stem portion was undamaged, and was still in my trash can, so I dug it out to use for this project.  I used strong epoxy to affix the skull to the stem, then build up epoxy putty around the joint to further strengthen and stabilize the joint, and also to visually ease the transition between the stem and skull.  I embedded dog/coyote teeth (purchase at your local bead store) into the putty while it was still soft, and also used the putty to affix the lower jaw to the base of the stem.

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3 Responses to Wasteland Raider Skills: How to Make a Human Skull Goblet

  1. MIke says:

    how did the goblet hold up, it has been a year siunce you posted about it. you ever find something to line the inside of the skull with?

  2. Jean-Robert says:

    Found this site by accident, and I happen to make skull dinking vessels (albeit without the stem) happy to share pictures if you’d like.

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