Followup on the Tulsa Serial Rapist: More Don’ts, a Do, and Some Example Short Spears

Police Sketch of the Suspected Serial Rapist

Police Sketch of the Suspected Serial Rapist

The Tulsa Serial Rapist struck his 8th victim Sunday, and due to this, there are some very dangerous “self defense suggestions” (myths) circulating that I feel the need to address. Again, I am no “expert”, but I have common sense and a good nose for bullshit.

Wrong Way / Right Way

Wrong Way / Right Way

1. I actually read, in the Tulsa World, that a cop suggested to put your keys between your fingers to fend off attackers. This cop is an idiot, and he’s spreading dangerous misinformation. Go ahead and put your keys between your fingers and go hit something. Anything. The keys bend and move around, pinching your fingers and the webbing between them. They don’t line up, and doing this is actually probably less effective than just punching. It’s stupid. If your keys are all you have, then grip your biggest key (probably the car ignition key) between your thumb and index finger (the same way you’d hold it when starting your car) and jam it in the jerk’s eyeball. That’s about the only way you can effectively use a key for self-defense, other than throwing them at him for a distraction while you run the opposite way. Some argue that you don’t necessarily punch with the keys between your fingers, but rather, use them in a “scraping motion”. DO NOT do that either. You can’t hold the keys tightly enough to transfer any appreciable force whatsoever. You’re literally better off going for the eyes with your fingers. I mean that. “Scraping” is a good way to anger your attacker and waste time, effort, and attention that could be better spent elsewhere. Unfortunately, the idea of self-defense, to many, is ninja fantasy camp.  If a key is what you have, just imagine that his eye socket is your car’s ignition.



Fox Labs 4 oz Stream Configuration Pepper Spray

Fox Labs 4 oz Stream Configuration Pepper Spray

2. People are suggesting using wasp spray for self defense because it “shoots further” and “works better: than pepper spray.This is false. Pepper spray comes in multiple configurations including fog, cone, and STREAM. The stream configuration will easily shoot 20 to 25 feet. Secondly, if wasp spray worked better than pepper spray, don’t you think they would market it for that purpose? No, they still market pepper spray because it works. Soapy water hurts when it gets in your eyes too, but that doesn’t make it a viable self defense solution. GET PEPPER SPRAY. It was designed for use on people, and it succeeds with flying colors (mostly the color of pain). This is the best brand and configuration. Click the link and order it. It’s that easy.

Lastly, I had spoken in my previous post about why I believed that a short spear is the best non-firearm weapon for a small, weaker person in a strictly home-defense scenario.  I obviously do not advocate walking around town or jogging with a short spear.  That said, I suggested that people purchase a long-handled BBQ knife as a facsimile of a short spear, or purchase the Short Assegai Spear from Cold Steel. I attempted to find and purchase a long-handled BBQ knife for some practical testing (a MUST for any self-defense theory), but after finding three different stores sold out, and the only online vendors I could find having discontinued the product, I shelved the idea and decided to make my own. (Yes, I ordered my own Short Assegai Spear, but it’s still in transit.)

Here are the short spears I made for myself:

30 inch short spear with Cold Steal Bushman head

short spear with Cold Steel Bushman head

This spear was made with a 1 inch wooden dowel and a Cold Steel Bushman as the head. I recommend the regular Bushman as opposed to the bowie for this application, for the slimmer profile better lends to depth of penetration (giggity). I whittled down the end of the dowel and hammered it into the handle of the Bushman, and then locked it in with a screw. Then, I wrapped the shaft in electrical tape (for grip) and capped the butt end with a rubber cane tip (epoxied on).  This not only covers the free end of the electrical tape, but allows the user to more comfortably brace the butt of the spear against their body.  Lastly, I used leather wrap and glue to create a layered leather hilt just behind the head, and then tacked it in with a brass nail.

image (7)The second spear I made is a bit longer, at 36 inches, and is made from a 3/4 inch dowel.  I removed the blade and hilt from an old full tang knife I found in Skreep’s garage, cut a notch into one end of the dowel, and set the blade in it with screws and epoxy. After it dried, I covered the blade in electrical tape and affixed the rubber cap, the same as the last.

So, if you can’t afford or aren’t comfortable with guns, I don’t believe in alienating or demeaning you. I believe in personal choice, and thus, I have tried to present you with alternatives. If you aren’t able to afford pepper spray or a brand new short spear, perhaps you can make one. Even sharpening one end of a broomstick or duct taping a kitchen knife to the end of your swiffer is better than nothing. Good luck out there, wastelanders.

image (6)

It doesn’t have to be pretty to be effective.


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  1. I’m learning a little each day, and would like any inside information and direction. Would like to survive any possibilites coming our way. What is your take on things ?

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