Doorbox Lamp

the post apoc doorbox lamp


This lamp is a combination of two things I enjoy making – lamps and door boxes.  It began as a standard door box (a cigar box fitted with shelves and hooks, and mounted to the wall to function as a repository for all your daily pocket luggage).  However, I found the small black drawered base (sans pulls) and decided to affix it to the doorbox and stand it upright.  The only logical progression was to stick a lamp on top.  So… I did.

The drawers had simple wooden pulls, so I removed them and replaced them with the tin pulls you see in the picture, which I salvaged from a broken down, 1920s steamer trunk.  I built the gear box onto the back and filled it with heavy nuts and washers, arranged in gearlike fashion, as an aesthetically interesting way of adding weight to the base of the lamp.  I thought that running the wire along the back of the boxes, through pipe, would give it a more industrial look, while also saving me from having to drill through the middle of the boxes… so, I did that too.  The lamp shade is a wire mesh basket that I got at Hobby Lobby for $3.

I’m pretty pleased with the result.

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