Pseudopod 301: “The Last Man After The War”, by Erich William Bergmeier (A Post Apocalyptic Audio Short Story)


Pseudopod is, in their own words, “the premier horror podcast magazine“. In my words, it’s a short story podcast that features short and flash fiction ranging from simple campfire ghost stories and audio gore-fests to brilliantly deep and dark, and sometimes downright Lovecraftian, tales of eerie emptiness and the terror of utter confusion.

Today, however, as I was working my way backward through the sizable backlog of archived stories in an effort to drown out the maddening monotony of my day job, I came upon a story that didn’t seem to belong.  It wasn’t necessarily horror.  It featured no supernatural element nor otherworldy dread.  This story was about men – two men, both doing their best to provide for their loved ones, whose paths crossed in a single, fateful encounter.  This is technically a post apocalyptic story, though it contains no elements of science fiction or camp.  It could just as easily take place during the 1800s, the great depression, or in modern rural America.  This story is as old as time, and as true as you and I.

Listen to this story, wastelanders.  Place yourself in a similar situation, and think, “What would I do?”

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