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I attended a craft show this weekend in which I sold covered and decorated light switch plates and journals.  Last night, I sat down at my coffee table (still covered in the aftermath of my mad last minute crafting) and, on a whim, glued a small journal to the front of a light switch plate.  I cut a hole through the book with a razor blade, and then drilled the screw holes.  Had I been thinking clearly, I’d have only screwed the holes through the back cover, as that is the only part actually affixed to the plate – if I’d put the screws through the entire book, nobody could’ve opened it.  Then, I reinforced the front cover with two layers of duct tape (on the inside), recut the switch hole, and then cut two slits through which to put a pen.  I went out to a local slam poetry club with a flat-head screwdriver and secretly switched out the unisex bathroom’s switch plate with mine.  By the end of the night, the journal was ten pages deep with shout-outs, signatures, and random words of advice.

The moral? No object is so mundane that it can’t be turned into practical art. Craft outside the box.

the post apoc light switch guest book

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