Replace Poor Quality Bag/Luggage Straps with Guitar Straps

Guitar straps are made to comfortably and reliably hold a great deal of often very expensive weight for long periods of time. With bag straps and luggage straps, comfort is often an afterthought to aesthetic. I recently bought a really nice black hemp canvas messenger bag, but I wasn’t very happy with the thin nylon shoulder strap – It was uncomfortable, and though it had a sliding shoulder pad, I had to adjust and position the pad every time I put the bag on.  It was a hassle.

So, I bought an adjustable black canvas guitar strap for $9, put grommets through the leather tabs on the ends, and used mini carabiners to attach it to the existing plastic loops on my bag. The result matches the bag BETTER than the nylon strap, and is WAY more comfortable. The wider strap distributes the weight more evenly across more of my shoulder, and the softer cotton canvas doesn’t rub my skin raw after hours of carrying the bag, weighted down, like the grippy shoulder pad on the nylon strap did.  I will probably do this to all of my bag straps.  There are a variety of really cool guitar straps out there.

the post apoc guitar strap bag strap

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