Use Your Pocket Knife as a Coat Hook in Public Restrooms

I hate entering a public restroom stall and taking off my coat, only to realize there are no coat hooks for me to hang it on.  Now the Sophie’s Choice of the public restroom coat debacle: do I hang it over the door allowing a passing stranger to possibly nab it while I’m halfway through the birthing process, or do I put it on the back of the toilet or the floor, and then burn it when I get back home?

It occurred to me, recently, that the pocket knife I already carry is the solution to this problem.  Simply wedge the knife in the door frame (see the pictures below) and hang your coat on it.  As you know, I highly recommend Cold Steel , though I was using my SOG Pentagon Elite I in the pictures below.

the post apoc knife coat hanger 1


the post apoc knife coat hanger 2


the post apoc knife coat hanger 3


image (3)

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