Nail File + Pen Cap = Shank

This one is a bit silly, but I still enjoyed the process, and if it propagates a scavenger’s mindset and improves your eye for improvised weaponry, then its value is undeniable.  Polish that improvised weaponry lens until you can see the entire world through it – until every item you see gets subconsciously divided into one of two categories: potential weapon or not – until complex objects are subconsciously broken down into their components, and each component categorized and defined by its potential, not its ascribed role.

I was walking into work one morning and saw this little disembodied nail file blade lying in the hallway.  I picked it up and noticed how rigid it was – not at all as flexible and flimsy as the ones I’d handled before.  I thought, “This would make a good stabbing weapon if I had some way to hold onto it.”  Enter pen cap.

I tried a couple different pen caps until I found one that the base of the nail file blade fit into extremely tightly.  I actually had to push the tip of the blade into a groove on the desk and apply considerable pressure to push the pen cap onto the back of the blade… and that’s exactly what I wanted.

I broke off the little pocket clip from the cap…

…and shoved it into the cap alongside the blade to both add rigidity and increase the friction holding the blade in place.

I used the edge of the desk to push the little clip down completely into the cap until only a tiny portion remained visible.

I would hold the cap tightly in my fingers while pinching the blade between my thumb and index finger.

Next, I found another cap that fit firmly over the business end and matched the “handle” closely enough.

Now it simply appears to be an inconspicuous little mini-pen.

If you’re doubting the rigidity of the blade for stabbing purposes, I demonstrated on the metal lid of my girly coffee drink:

Go make dangerous things, wastelanders!

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