Rebuild is a post-apocalyptic zombie flash game created by Sarah Northway and produced by Two Towers Games.

I played through it in about two hours on the 12×12 map on normal difficulty, so don’t worry about dropping too much time on it.  Also, I don’t see much replay value – once you figure out the groove of the game, it becomes extremely repetitive and monotonous.  That said, I did enjoy it, but I was glad when it ended.

It plays like reverse-Sim-City.  You start out with a city already built around you, and you must retake the city one block at a time.  You gather survivors along the way, scavenge for food, hunt zombies, repurpose buildings, and defend your ever growing home base against giant hordes of zombies.  Like I said, once I figured out the secret, this game wasn’t really that hard.

Soldiers are the key.  You have “leaders” who can recruit survivors, scavengers who are better at looting supplies, builders who… build, doctors who work at hospitals and research scientific advancement (re-advancement?), and regular civilians who have no skills, but can learn the skills of any skilled member by accompanying them on missions, or by attending a school once you get one back up and running.  Each of those roles in important, but not NEARLY as important as the soldier.  Literally 2/3 of my survivors were retrained as soldiers, and I kept no less than 10 on guard duty at all times.  When large hordes were incoming, I doubled that number.  I sent soldiers in groups to clean-sweep and annex new buildings – and usually three or four buildings simultaneously.  I built as many farms and apartment buildings as possible, which eventually made scavenging for food moot.

There are, from my experience, three ways to win the game: you can annex city hall and draft a constitution, push your scientific advancement far enough that you come up with a cure for the zombie virus, or simply annex every single block in the city.  Because you can continue playing after any of these accomplishments, I did all three… in two hours.  Once I annexed every block, there were no more zombies to fight, so the game became pretty pointless… BUT, they still ALLOWED me to keep playing… for whatever reason… which I truly appreciate.

Check this game out – even if you only kill a few hours.  You’ll enjoy it.

My city after one in-game year


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