Revenge of the Door Boxes

Time for Round 2 (see my previous door boxes here).

In my first post, I mentioned that I was given a “metric shit ton” of cigar boxes by “The Cigar Box” in Broken Arrow in exchange for some of my work – this post chronicles the door boxes I made out of them.  Cigar boxes are a bit more difficult, because they’re generally too shallow to make shelves deep enough for wallets, cell phones, and other pocket cargo.  I’ve been working with Savage Gallery lately, and Ariana, the director, suggested  I market them as jewelry boxes.  As foreign as that idea is to me – a man whose jewelry stops at a wristwatch – I couldn’t deny that her logic was sound.  Thus, I put Ariana in charge of marketing and selling these boxes for me.  If you’re interested in anything you see, you can contact Ariana at to purchase it.

I wanted this one to appear to be hanging slanted on the wall when closed

when open, however, the shelves are perfectly horizontel. The little three sided cubby in the lower left corner of the lid is designed to hold onto its contents when the lid is closed and inverted.

I loved the outside of this box

the inside, however, was too shallow for any shelves, so I doubled up on the hooks

This one has a really nice old brass drawer pull and a coat hook

the inside had some nice shelves and felt lining - classic

I salvaged this awesome knob from an antique credenza that my friend was restoring

this one was actually deep enough for functional shelves - wallet friendly

the picture of this box's front didn't come out, but the shelves are staggered and there's a nice little matchbook/lighter caddy on the inside of the lid

This one is covered in real white rabbit's fur, but the real surprise is inside...

yes... you're opening an animal carcass

Spine, ribs, heart shaped box, and you can see out through the eyes and nostrils

Here you can see the pelvis, the inside of the heart-box, and notice you can see a pastoral scene out through the eyes

The next box isn’t for sale, as I made it for MC Scoot – Legend of the 918, but I still wanted to show it off.  This one was made from a photo box – a box already covered in leather with a glass window for displaying a photo.

the mushroom drawer pull is one of my favorite details

Here it is in use

a place for everything and everything in its place

Thanks alot, wastelanders!  Remember, contact Savage Gallery if you want to purchase any of these.  Otherwise, go make you’re own… they’re ridiculously easy to make, and I have faith that you can make one even cooler than any of mine.  Good luck, wastelanders!


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  1. Chris says:

    Awesome tool!! I Really like the door box!!
    Chris P.

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