Carriers (2009)

A lot of movies, in my opinion, are good in spite of their protagonists. “Carriers” (2009) is good in large part BECAUSE of Chris Pine. Granted, there are other good performances, and the writing is really tight, but Pine is the first thing that will grab you (not inappropriately… I don’t think). While this isn’t the first pandemic movie I’ve seen, it’s the first I’ve seen that skips right over the appearance and devastation of the pandemic (the writhing, putrid meat and potatoes of most disease-themed movies) and takes us straight to the bleak aftermath. It’s a post-apocalyptic pandemic procedural (wipes spit off screen) and buddy-road-trip that would only have been an educational B-movie without the depth and charisma of Pine’s perfect performance (wipes screen again). Now that I’m done kissing his ass, let’s start the review. Continue reading