Five (1951)

“Five” is a very unique post apoc film, and film in general, and the first (that I know of) to portray a post-nuclear apocalyptic setting. The film is very different from the post-apocalyptic films that followed in that it takes place very soon after the event, and has almost no violent conflict in it whatsoever, save for one very brief scene in which a man is stabbed (but quite mildly, by today’s standards… a decaf stabbing, if you will). Continue reading

A Boy and His Dog (1975)

“A Boy and His Dog” is probably one of the most sexist post apocalyptic film ever made, but also one of the most influential. This movie is so purely representative of the genre that if I could reduce it to a powder, I’d snort it through a rolled up page from a Max Brooks book and evaporate into a tiny mushroom cloud – the six foot empty space between my face and the TV just dilutes the experience. Based on a 1969 short story by Harlan Ellison, it has influenced everything from the “Mad Max” series to “Fallout 3”. In essence, ABAHD (so good it needs a hip acronym) is the ultimate buddy film spanning everything from a desolate surface wasteland to a surreal underground vault community with despotic social engineers and android enforcers. Continue reading

Metro 2033 (xbox360)

Metro 2033 is based on the novel by the same name by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky, and the game was created by Ukrainian developer 4A, who started as a splinter group from GSC Gameworld – the developers of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. franchise. Since Glukhovsky himself oversaw the development of the game, it is said to follow the book as closely as a game can. The world was destroyed in Nuclear fire in 2013, and the only known survivors were those below ground in Moscow’s massive system of metro tunnels. They have survived among mutants and ghosts for 20 years, but now a new threat has emerged. Continue reading