My Short Term Recommendations on Self-Defense Against the Tulsa Serial Rapist

I’m not expert, and don’t profess to be, but I am a martial arts practitioner and a weapons enthusiast, and I have opinions that I don’t mind sharing. Thus, many people have been asking me what the best option is for defending oneself against the serial rapist currently terrorizing Tulsa. I’m writing this post as a way to avoid reiterating this information in countless personal messages. Continue reading

The Post Apoc Photo Shoot # 1

My friend Sommer is a model, and since I’ve known her, we’ve talked about the idea of doing a post apoc themed shoot for the website.  Recently, it came together thanks to a number of people that got involved:

Photographer: Bill Woods of Dark Roman Artistic

Hair: Claudia Riccardi

Makeup: Angela Wade

Male Model: Ronin

Female Model: Sommer Bailey

Location: abandoned racetrack and surrounding complex, Tulsa OK

Firearms: S&W .38 (Blondie), Springfield 1911A1 (Eisenhower), Keltec P11, AK-47 (Liberty Tooth), Maverick 88 12g (Shotty-Bob)

I Love Sticks

The foreign objects that the first tool users likely bashed each others brains out with were undoubtedly sticks and stones – and regardless of which was the first to break bones, sticks remain a viable option even today. Making walking sticks and shillelaghs is not only a financially responsible, environmentally friendly, and low risk crafting hobby, but it’s also damn EASY. Continue reading