Waterworld (1995)

Waterworld is the first of the infamous duo of post apocalyptic films starring Kevin Costner that came out in the mid 90s. As of the writing of this review, Waterworld has a score of 41% on Rotten Tomatoes. At the time of its release, it was the most expensive Hollywood production to date, costing $175 million, but only made $88 in U.S. theaters. Personally, it is one of my favorites of the genre. Continue reading

Solarbabies (1986)

Solarbabies takes place in arguably the same universe as “Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome” – the earth is now a desert, and the remaining water is being controlled by the Eco Protectorate, a fascist police entity led by a homoerotic M. Bison. All the children are taken at birth to be raised in orphanages where they are indoctrinated to serve the Eco Protectorate, but are allowed to play a game called skateball – a cross between lacrosse and roller derby. Continue reading