Wastelander Skills #3: Homemade Condiments

Since the dawn of culinary science, we’ve devoted a great deal of effort into enhancing or disguising the flavors of our food via spices, sauces, and condiments. Wars have been fought, trade routes pioneered, and countless lives lost in the pursuit of better flavors. Condiments are actually very simple to make in your own home – but we’re not a culture celebrates self-sufficiency anymore, but rather the ability to accumulate and trade fiat currency for every good and service we require.
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Wastelander Skills #1: What To Do With Your Crappy Decorative Katana

So, you’ve had that $40 flea market katana on your wall (next to your Cowboy Bebop poster) since you were fourteen, and you can’t bear to part with it? Either you haven’t read my machete article, or you’ve watched too much anime (or “Equilibrium”) and still believe you’d be able to Connor MacLeod your way through Humungus’ hordes, deflecting bullets and looking really badass with your long coat and pewter jewelry blowing in the wind – despite your complete lack of training (cue epic Japanese theme song). FEAR NOT my pocky-scented friends, those cheap pieces of stamped steel shit aren’t completely worthless! Continue reading