O’Bollocks the Cudgellelagh

A friend of mine recently showed up at my house with all the trimmings from the large tree in his yard. “I figured you could make something outta this,” he said. My reputation precedes me. One of the trimmings he brought me had a large knot on one end, so I decided to make myself a cudgel out of it. Continue reading

Musical Instrument Lamps

When I look at things, now, I tend to simplify them – I break them down into their components and try to analyze the processes necessary to join those components into whatever final product I’m look at. I found a “lamp kit” at Lowe’s a year or so ago and started making wine bottle and liquor bottle lamps for my friends – I realized that lamps are actually very simple to make. Continue reading

The Door Box

I got this idea years ago when my roommate at the time suffered from a debilitating handicap – she would lose her keys nearly every day. I used a wooden liquor box and some scrap balsa wood and made her a wall mounted box with two shelves, a pen holder, and some hooks for keys and sunglasses. We mounted it right next to the front door so that every time she arrived, she would offload her cargo, and it would be waiting there for her each time she left. Continue reading