Customized Opinels

If you’ve never heard of an Opinel, it’s a French lock-blade knife designed for the “working man” that has remained more or less unchanged in over a hundred years. It has a unique twist-locking collar that makes it extremely simple in form and function, and very easy to repair and maintain. Opinels have wooden handles, so customizing them is a pretty popular pastime. Continue reading

Replace Poor Quality Bag/Luggage Straps with Guitar Straps

Guitar straps are made to comfortably and reliably hold a great deal of often very expensive weight for long periods of time. With bag straps and luggage straps, comfort is often an afterthought to aesthetic. So, I bought an adjustable black canvas guitar strap for $9 and made a bag strap out of it. Continue reading

O’Bollocks the Cudgellelagh

A friend of mine recently showed up at my house with all the trimmings from the large tree in his yard. “I figured you could make something outta this,” he said. My reputation precedes me. One of the trimmings he brought me had a large knot on one end, so I decided to make myself a cudgel out of it. Continue reading